Experiments in VR

Virtual Reality was not an art medium of choice to me until i got familiar with it in a 5 day workshop at the 3DDruckzentrum Ruhr, the FutureLab VR academy. It was a great pleasure to get announced to a bunch of platforms and softwares providing a handful of creative resources to expand the boundaries…

Some make History

Made it in 2016 as a project to reflect my diary. it took me about 3 weeks to finish it but at the end I think it lacks some things.at the end if it can just reflect what I wanted to express it is ok for me. was nice to have some experience with Universal…

The Black Bottle

an Experimental Motion picture a note kind of video about a Social Conflict. Made in 2009 following the election aftermath ,watching the news and worrying about the future while remembering the past… Black Bottle from KolahStudio on Vimeo.

The Solitude Cave Nr.1

The Video Tries to document and get together some corner of my art experiences from Sound and  voice to Painting,Public art,and Computer graphics. It is the First from a Episodic Works i am going to publish in the coming year. In this Video you can also see for the first time one of my pieces…

Shift Work

Every day at the same time, he should go to work… This 1-minute animation tries to picture the mundane and confined lifestyle we have been obliged to adopt to survive in today’s uncompromising modern world. Sound and Pictures by : Karan Reshad

The Cycle

Sound and Motion Images by Karan Reshad The Work is another Experimental i decided to upload. Firstly uploaded in 2015 on my Flash website  ,now available on Vimeo.