Virtual Reality was not an art medium of choice to me until i got familiar with it in a 5 day workshop at the 3DDruckzentrum Ruhr, the FutureLab VR academy. It was a great pleasure to get announced to a bunch of platforms and softwares providing a handful of creative resources to expand the boundaries of art Creation experience. It seems to me that the VR world might be an infant and we must wait to see its Future, as the name, Futurelab might also refer to.

Here you see 2 videos of my VR Experiments during the days:
The First Video is showing my struggles to virtualise my Urban Primitive Paintings

The Second Video is showing my experiments with VR Calligraphy

Since 2010 i have tried different ways of making my Calligraphy style in a Real world. i tried it first with cardboards ,then with clays, metal sheets but none of them satisfied me the way it should. then i tried alot of modeling sessions in Blender (which is amazing) and in 2013 i could make the first set of 7 finished 3d Sculptures which i was content about. in 2015-16 i tried Plexyglass and other Material to Realize my 3d Models which was also a great experience and Now Virtual Reality gives me a way to sculpt and model as easy as hand-writing. Now i can write a sculpture in VR ,which is an Amazing experience .

Thanks to Peter Petersen , Futurelab.Ruhr for making it possible and Eric Finn for hips of tips and tricks and live tutorials.