Artist Books

Collections, books and catalogs  showcasing series of works from  different years and periods, released as limited edition printed collections using various technics ranging from Offset print to hand prints and original Artists-books and zines. The Hard-case collections are all Artist-made. ©Karan Reshad

Here are Links to check some preview photos from  the artists books and collections:

A collection of 15 illustration executed through reduction linocut print. the collection is packed in a hard case made by the artist. All illustrations , Lino cuts and presses are done by hand and signed, numbered ( verso). It contains a booklet with summerized info about each mythical character and a reflectional text about Heros , Myths and Utopian/Dystopian aspects of looking at the Culture hero in folklore and mythology.  Please visit inside here. Also available for purchase Here.

Contains an insider documentation of early graffiti years and personal experiments with photography, spray paint, visual poetry and break through. The fat-old-root contants 90 pages of Archival print on Linen paper + 9 pages of Original unique hand made art. You can check it out here . Purchase just through contact page.

It is a catalog  containing the majority of my handstyle based pieces in 180 pages with over 250 canvas works from 2007-2019. check it here and get your at this Link.

DANDOON , released independently in a limited number of 50 editions, includes  series of  drawings related to a period of a year and a half. The inspiration behind it derives from two painful incidents: exile and toothache 😀 . During this stage of my life I tried to document my mental, inner and emotional transformations as my attitude towards society and dealing with pain was changing. You can check inside here or Purchase the last available ones here.

A zine with radical, experimental content and imagery. SOS is a selfpublishing zine which showcases some different aspects of Artist life from mundane thoughts to extraordinary experiments and imaginations. check some issues here and grab yours here.

Released illegaly in Iran, the Book contains drawings, colorised digitally using some color ranges which are hard to observe for some colourblind people. Not Available.