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    Do you accept Collaborations inside Iran?
    Nah, Sorry. Islamic Republic is not a Safe place for me and i am living a life in exile.

    How can I get in touch with you?

    Hit me up through this contact form, not on social media. It’s the only way I can trust you at the first step.

    Do you do mural commissions?
    Most of the time, nah. But in some cases, I’m down for it.

    Do you take canvas commissions?
    Not really, unless it’s a special project with a dope goal or cause that aligns with my vibe.

    Do you do design work like packaging, tattoos, or customizing musical instruments?
    Yeah, I’m all about that. Let’s make something rad together.

    Are you interested in having a publisher?
    I’m actually the publisher of my own work. Unless a publisher really gets my vision and can align with my agenda, I’m good on that.

    Do you do interviews?
    Media and journalist interviews? Nah, not really my thing. But for research interviews, I’m down to chat. Just know that my expertise is valuable and authentic, so I charge a fee for my time and insights. Let’s make sure we’re both on the same page, and that my experiences aren’t being misrepresented or sensationalized.

    Are you interested in having an agent of Gallerist?
    I have been working with a couple of gallerists for years. For now, I prefer having my direct collector base, except when I find a gallerist who I can really vibe with and who understands my vision and values. In that case, I’m open to collaborating and building a long-term partnership. It’s all about finding the right fit.