It is an experiment to see how People react to a call. Since the beginning of history and even before that , artists have been working with support of a community who used / abused art? so Have you ever thought to support an ‪#‎artist‬ and be an Art ‪#‎Patron‬? not a centralised one but a socialised one?


Do you follow the hype and worship the artist who is  presented to you by  mainstream Media or Establishment or  do you find ones who really deserve to be supported?
I want to  remind you that You don’t need to be a Banker or a Millionare … It just needs your passion for art and the will to support an artist. It can be even more affordable than buying a chocolate every month!!!

For 3000 years artists were working with Patronage… so What is going on now?????? They Are still doing it. Artists who work For the Power are powered by the Power. Artists who fight the power are being pushed outside the scene.

In the last century people forgot to Support artists as their voice, in the meanwhile  Galleries and the Mass Media Tycoons took advantage and shaped the news art scene by their own taste.  They presented new Models, the way they wanted. they supported people who they wanted and shaped an art market suitable for them. Look how they took advantage of solace graffiti and made a New urban fine Art Mural Stupid-ism!!! it is live all over the world in the recent years.
They shaped some fake artists, the way they liked them to be. you see meaningless paintings and some cliches being repeatedly produced on walls and galleries and get broadcasted on TVS.Some businessmen with an Artist’s mask, a singer,a painter ,an actress is shaped as a puppet to say YES SIR!!! Otherwise he/she will be out of the game!!! In This way real artists always had and still have to struggle. nobody will feel this because the mainsteadm Play has always something hot to present and get you entertained. I am going to write more about this in but until then i like to inform you about what i am planning in recent days

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We can do it just like what all humans have been doing all through the history or just continue the way the Market wants us to . I am sure about what i am telling you but you have total rights to ignore and go the other way!!!  

I am looking forward to your trust and cooperation.

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