15 Culture Heroes from 15 Mythological worlds – Illustrated by Karan Reshad

Last months i ve been working on an illustration series of Cultural Heroes. Myths from Differnt nations and believe systems, Heroes ,but not gods or Deities.

Mythosapiens is a collection of Lino Printed Illustrations created with the Reduction print technic. In this limited edition collection you will find Cultural Heroes from all around the world, Mythologicial Creatures like Gilgamesh, Maui, Momotaro, Yu, Bheeshma, Freydun, Vahgan, Bes, Vainamoinen, Triptolemus, Anansi, Sigurd, Arthur, Glooscap and the Mayan Twins all coming together in one Handmade Hard cover Jacket.

Limited Edition of 15 Handcrafted Hard box Sets