The Victory to the Bone design has primarily been used as my main sticker, traveling all around the world for years. The First version of this design illustrated in 2010 and the 3d model version was made in 2012 after my arrival in Germany . The refined version made in 2013 and used as personal icon Meanwhile, it has also been stenciled and graffitied on walls throughout Europe since 2012.

It has been copied by some in China , also in US by a designer. but it is apparent , the reason i illustrated it was after the Anti-dictatoreship demos in Tehran 2009 in which our symbol was the Victory sign. I fully wonder how a Pubk horror designer in US or a Chinese governmental public sculptor can relate to this design and defend their theft!!!!

any way Theft is a tradition in todays art Market as many say Art means to steal or such bulshit. i do not capitalist shit.